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Boo playing football in the beach

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Outfit of the day #162 -

Love them or not, One Direction have grown into five stylish young men. Mr Harry Styles pretty much owns the whole bohemian rocker thing, while Mr Zayn Malik tends to lean towards a great leather jacket. 

The boys were looking particularly good this weekend as they all turned up to celebrate Louis’ mum’s wedding. Now, if there was ever a time to get dressed up and make an effort, it’s the wedding of a much-loved member of the fam. Louis definitely did his mum proud with this razor-sharp take on the double-breasted suit. 

Louis’ minimalist jacket is a real winner for any wedding, but it looks particularly good on a sunny day in July. He’s accessorised it brilliantly with a white pocket squareRay-Ban aviators and a club collar shirt, and he’s also rocking the current trend for air ties

Cut high on the waist, this jacket is definitely one for the slighter gentleman, but the navy is something every can get on board with. You won’t find a more versatile suit. 

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Harry Styles arrives at LAX this afternoon, July 21nd

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Anonymous asked:
"Hi Sabrina! May I ask you what do you love the most Harry? This boy going through some of shitty week and annoying PR stunts and disrespectful opinions, so. He's literally don't deserve it."


WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT HARRY? How long do you have?

But seriously, he’s a fantastic guy. He has a massive heart and everyone who meets him seems to adore him. He’s warm and loving and kind and polite. He’s sweet and loyal and tries to be as open as he can. He’s clever and witty and more intelligent than he often gets credit for. He’s talented and enthusiastic and passionate. He adores his friends and family and is good to fans and even to people who don’t really deserve it.

I will be bitter and angry about his media image and what that has done to his rep and the way people treat him until the day I die, and that’s because Harry Styles deserves the very best.

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July 21st, LA

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Harry at LAX - 7/21

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Anonymous asked:
"so being a 21 yr old college graduate... you don't feel weird that you love a boyband?"


what am i supposed to love??? briefcases??? 

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