haleyhellums: I said “I want an awesome pic” Then @niallhoran got a leg cramp…

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For the whole of ‘The X Factor’ I didn’t have a solo which, for me, was a tough pill to swallow. I was delighted but at the same time, couldn’t really understand why I was in the band. That was really low, that feeling of not having a purpose, of just being along for the ride.
-Louis-Where We Are book (x)
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21.9 // san antonio, tx

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so is this a joke or what

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I get so tense I’m often close to puking. We started off on a TV show so I should be at home there, but every time we do telly it riddles me with nerves. I’m petrified from the minute I get in the dressing room to the second we walk out on to the set. I don’t know why - and it’s getting worse.

I just spiral into this one massive bag of nerves. Then, when the next show comes along, it starts again, only worse. Maybe it’s because it feels quite intimate? I don’t like singing in front of small crowds.

In 2013, when we were invited to perform at the American Music Awards, I was in a state about singing a song I was usually comfortable with. Then before we went out, Justin Timberlake was coming off after collecting an award and I remember saying to the lads: “Is that the calibre of people here?” To make matters worse, as he walked off Justin came over to say hello and I was bricking it, nearly swallowing my own puke. I was fine in the end, but it’s draining being that nervous.

-Niall in Who We Are (x)
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Int: By the way, new song out, what is the inspiration behind that?

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So, this was just pointed out to me by blueloulou2. Officially on ASCAP, Liam and Louis are not listed as writers on “Steal My Girl”. Now obviously this doesn’t prove that they didn’t write on it, but given the shade they’re throwing, I find this very interesting and odd. 

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niall & harry during WMYB (6/29/13)

Early in his career, magical dweeb Harry Styles has no companions except the beasts of the air and the frogs of the field. Yearning for companionship, he scours the nearby kingdoms for the friendliest and most huggable human beings and soon discovers cheerful troubador Niall playing his lute upon a hilltop. “Hiiiiiiiiii,” says chummy sorceress Harry Styles, appearing before him in a puff of smoke. “Do you wanna like come to my magical palace and like learn the dark arts and cuddle and that?” “Gotta check with me dad,” says conscientious bard Niall. For the next seven nights, needy wizard Harry Styles materializes in Niall’s bedroom to plead his case. “I’ve got like all kind of fruit and stuff,” he says. “Come on, pleeeease.” On the last night he has a great idea: “Oooh I could talk to your dad for you, I love dads.” Niall agrees that this is a great idea but he does not want to wake his dad up. Unfortunately the stipulations of Harry’s visitation spell mean that as soon as the sun’s first rays strike the windowpane, mystical paterphile Harry Styles disappears in a puff of smoke and all that is left is the forlorn echo of his slow deep voice, crooning sadly “But you…r daaaaaaaad” 

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slow dancing with a little girl at iHeartRadio x

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harrystyles: You have a nice view out of your window. @delanovegas thank you

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Hozier - Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)

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